Two bedrooms apartment with living room and separate kitchen.

  • 2 bedrooms
  • dining / living room
  • sleeps 2–4
  • kingsize beds
  • shower with sauna function
  • Bulthaup kitchen
  • Nespresso coffee maker and tea kettle
  • air conditioning
  • free Wifi
  • 77 sqm


Inspirations by Ana Locking

The primitive American dream represents the desire to start from scratch and eventually own land and call it home. The first settlers arrived to the American soil with this desire, and in this unlimited environment they marked their territory, established their own law and defined their own property. “American Landscape” isn’t about the mythical pioneer, but rather about the path that is still taken today across that immense American land in search of a new life, the freedom to choose, and finding the means to continue living.

I’ve always liked road movies, in many of them there are paths that lead to the American Dream, but it is also necessary to take the road less traveled, to dream again and work hard to achieve a dream. Creating new concepts is like casting spells, one has to veer away from the paved road, concentrate, gather the ingredients and prepare a new enchanting spell once again.

On the other hand, there is another American landscape, which even though actually isn ́t one, we keep in our collective memory as the most emotional and unattainable of all of them, the immense lunar surface crowned by the American flag.