Two bedrooms apartment with living room and separate kitchen.

  • 2 bedrooms
  • dining / living room
  • sleeps 4
  • kingsize bed
  • shower with sauna function
  • Bulthaup kitchen
  • Nespresso coffee maker and tea kettle
  • air conditioning
  • free Wifi
  • 75 sqm


Inspirations by Ana Locking

I want to reflect on the necessity that mankind has to believe, and that faith is the only thing which can lead them to the pursuit of happiness. Not only in its religious aspect, but also the belief in one’s self and in the inner strength to maintain a balance between materialism and spirituality.

The inspiration takes form in an international icon, the American dollar. The phrase “In God we trust” on top of ONE makes us reflect upon the title “What does God say”. A contemporary man after losing his faith, will in many cases believe more in the power of moneythan in himself or his own instincts.

Other than “ONE”, you can also find another symbol, the Eye of Providence on the pyramid, a symbol of faith and destiny. The Eye of Providence rests on top of the pyramid and represents instincts originating in the upper part of the human body, wisdom, observation and analysis.

I always try to strike a balance between realism and idealism. I believe that the quality of our idealism is directly related to the effort we make to actualize our ideals. It may not be achievable,but this effort is necessary to make it reality.