TIME CAPSULE | one & two

Two bedrooms apartment with living / dining room and separate kitchen.

  • 2 bedrooms
  • dining / living room
  • sleeps 2–4
  • kingsize beds
  • shower with sauna function
  • Bulthaup kitchen
  • Nespresso coffee maker and tea kettle
  • air conditioning
  • free Wifi
  • 90 sqm


Inspirations by Ana Locking

A time capsule is an hermetic recipient created in order to preserve messages and objects from the present so that they can be discovered by future generations. Time capsules provide an opportunity to reflect on the question of time, on the way things disappear and on the way others emerge that replace them, as well as the differences and similarities between the customs of each age.

The future may also sometimes be the past, and “Time Capsule” creates a new vision of this time-based symmetry. This entails a mixture of styles, a journey from the future to the past and back again. The idea is to forget in order to remember, to build the future on the foundations of the past and to observe that, although hundreds of years may pass, people still going on with same motivations, similar dreams and similar worries…” In life, past, present and future collide. And life is not just a sum of what we have been, but also of what we yearn to be. We all need an idea of the future; we cannot enjoy the essence of the present without the past and the future, because then we would be stuck in the midst of ongoing monotony.

Our “Time Capsule” projects this spirit and our desires for the future in a deliciously metaphoric manner.